motherfucking text snippets
on the command line.


boom lets you access text snippets from the command line.

You probably hate typing the same shit over and over again. You probably sit in front of your command line prompt every day. Let's smash those two concepts together in the face.

Some people use boom for shit like:


Hey, run this:

$ gem install boom

See? Now you can do this:

$ boom

Pretty easy. Like your mom.


boom is designed to be really simple.

You save a bunch of items which all belong to a list. First, make a new list:

 $ boom gifs
 Boom! Created a new list called "gifs".

Then, add something to your new list:

 $ boom gifs melissa
 Boom! "melissa" in "gifs" is "". Got it.

Then you're ready to grab this animated GIF of Melissa at a moment's notice:

 $ boom melissa
 Boom! Just copied to your clipboard.

There's a slew of other commands for deletion, displaying, opening in browsers, and so on; check the wiki or run:

 $ boom help


I made a screencast that shows off how I use boom in GitHub's internal Campfire. Some people thought it was hilarious and nominated me for an award, which I accepted and then used as a murder weapon. Allegedly.



boom was made during a tequila bender in a tiny rented (possibly stolen) RV camper by Zach Holman. Feel free to follow him on Twitter- I'm pretty sure he exclusively tweets about migration patterns of velociraptors.

Are you a developer? Do you at least tolerate boom? You should watch or fork boom on GitHub. Pull Requests of awesome functionality is awesome.