Automating Inefficiencies

January 3, 2011 holman

My friend Steve Chanin just launched How I Work, a pretty nifty new site that collects a bunch of screencasts about developer tools, workflows, that sort of thing. He suggested I do a quick little screencast, so I did, and everyone ran for their lives.

I decided to do one on some of the tools I use most in my day-to-day interactions with the rest of GitHub: Campfire, my dotfiles, and boom. By combining all of these together, we can successfully make your company’s chat room super inefficient. Apply some programming and boom, you’re suddenly automating inefficiencies.

Check it out on How I Work (along with the bunch of other screencasts going up there!), or check out the conveniently-embedded video here:

A couple specific links to things mentioned in the screencast: