I run all my investments through my fund, Tifo.

Who do you invest in?

I tend to primarily invest in venture-scale startups, and early on in the life of the company (think pre-seed or seed, from a traditional venture viewpoint). Part of that is that my background stems from growing teams of a handful of people into large companies of hundreds, so my experience can be of more use to you.

But mostly it's because that's where the goddamn fun is. Small, quick, with incredibly way too much to build that it kinda freaks you out a lot.

What kind of markets do you invest in?

I don't really have an investment thesis like some of these ACTION-PACKED VENTURE FUNDS you might see. If anything I tend to invest in companies that like money and want to make money. Truly revolutionary stuff, I know. But that tends to favor SaaS and B2B companies because, again, that's my background and I know how to make money in that area.

I have a strong background in developer tools, having built or advised the two largest software tools on the planet (GitHub and GitLab, respectively), as well as advising and investing in other companies in the area. So try as I might, I just can't get away from my love of how terrible developer tools are today and how great they could still be.

Otherwise, big fan of really boring industries. Kind of over "interesting problems". I think some of the coolest (and lucrative and genuinely helpful) areas to work in right now are really, really boring.

Let's chat

Still interested? Let's chat a bit. Shoot me an email at [email protected]. Bonus points if you include a deck. I hate asking for a deck, but it really does help with getting context across early to best make use of both of our time.

Don't worry; if I'm into it, I promise to let you smooth talk me properly afterwards.