Left: A Jekyll Theme

December 11, 2012 holman

I murdered my blog today, and when I plunged my knife into its soft underside, it bled open source.

A New Look, an Old Look

After redesigning zachholman.com, I realized I still wanted a nice foundation on which others could build their own Jekyll blogs. Jekyll’s a lot of fun to use, but it can be a bit of a pain to set up. Today I’m open sourcing holman/left.

Left Screenshot

Left is the previous theme I had for zachholman.com: left-aligned, white-and- black, and simple. It features the font I helped popularize: Yanone Kaffeesatz.

Left is what I half-assed previously: it has clear directions for setting it up yourself, it removes lovely paid-for icon fonts from Symbolset that I felt funny putting in a public repo since that company is so cool, and it’s fully MIT licensed without any silly attribution caveats.

Enjoy Left, and go forth and blog like a hacker.