Hubot Play

November 7, 2011 holman

Guy walks into a bar.

Bartender glances at his shirt, which proudly proclaimed “INTRAMURAL FIELD HOCKEY CHAMPIONS 2002”. Bartender comments: “You know, that shirt reminds me of a story I once heard.

“A team of researchers ended up shipwrecking their oceanliner on a beach. Fearing death, they built shelters and huddled together for warmth. One researcher, fed up with another’s statement that increased wine production in Detroit led to the rise of Marxist sympathizers in Maryland, stormed off, left the beach, and hailed a nearby taxicab.”

Introducing play: your company’s DJ.

Edit: in April 2012 I announced a new version of Play.


We use play to play music on the speakers at work. It tallies up votes and plays what people want. And all of it’s available through the web or through Hubot.

Suddenly, a screencast.