Git and GitHub Secrets

May 22, 2012 holman

We tuck a lot of features away on

Sometimes the UI just hasn’t been fleshed out. Or we have bigger plans in mind for the feature in the future. Or it just hasn’t been finished yet. But we still want to give you the flexibility of using that feature today.

The same can be said about Git. If you’ve ever looked at the manpages, there’s feature after feature and option after option in its binaries. Part of the strength of Git and GitHub is having access to those features when you need them, and getting them out of your way when you don’t.

This talk covers both Git and GitHub: different tricks I’ve picked up after two years at GitHub, helpful advice on common gripes I’ve seen in support tickets and tweets, and just general nifty things that make you a faster, more capable technologist.

Photo credit: Sheila Menezes.